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Pure Colon Detox Free Trial Reviews: I was introduced to Pure Colon Detox when I lived in New York, oh, so many years ago! I was based in Manhattan at the time, but traveled around the world constantly, so obviously I was exposed to a multitude of sins as far as nutrition was concerned. Over dinner, believe it or not, a friend suggested colon cleansing to me explaining that she did it at least once a month. I was 35 and I had no idea what that was about but I was curious, so I took the name of the German doctor she mentioned and made an appointment. I had to wait four weeks, the doctor was so busy.

I arrived for my appointment on time, was asked to take off my clothes and put on one of those hospital robes where you have the back completely open! I was taken to a room, no windows, with one wall completely covered in wood covering some machine, with pipes hanging out all over the place, it looked scary, more like a torture chamber! I wanted to turn around and run but decided otherwise, I wanted to know what goes on here. I had to lay down on one side, and the doctor, with long thick orange curly hair tied at the back of her neck, who must have been in her fifties, spoke to me in English but with a very heavy German accent, telling me to relax. Relax I thought to myself, she gotta be kidding! I mean I realised she wasn't going to do me any harm but I also realised that this wasn't going to be as soothing as a body massage! I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles as she stuck a pipe up my backside with me wincing. Perhaps she explained what she was doing but I was not in a listening mode! I shut off and I let her get on with it. I will spare you the details and skip to the end result. The end result, after an hour, was that I felt so good, so empty, so clean, so light, I walked out of her praxis on air and did not want to eat anything for the rest of the day so I could hold on to that lovely feeling! I did make another appointment before I left.

That was my initiation and I was hooked! I went back to her once month and by and by she told me that she had a lot of film stars and opera singers who came to her regularly to have their colon detoxed! I understood exactly why. Detox in those days was not the buzz word that it is today! They all came to her because they wanted to have clear bright eyes, smooth skin free of blemishes, healthy hair and just a healthy overall glow.

Years later I came back to live in Switzerland and the first thing I did was to look around for someone who does colon cleansing! It took a while and I found someone, a nurse, who did this service, and I had to travel for one hour out of Zurich to get to her. Her praxis room where she did this was more modern with windows and lots of light, all in white, and the whole machine for not knowing how else to describe it was much smaller, did not need a whole wall covered in wood and it was not scary at all. It looked more like a hospital room and not a torture chamber!

Fast forward another ten years and now you have these nurses, you do not need to be a doctor to do this in Europe, all over the place offering this much in demand service of colon cleansing. Since I travel much less now and am more in control of my own cooking, I don't need to do this more than once a year. Also because I take care of my inner hygiene through regular fasting and juicing!

We have moved forward so much just in the past two decades that it is more customary now to talk about inner hygiene and are much more aware how to keep ourselves healthy. This mode of maintaining good health which was known and practiced only by the very few in the past, is now widely spread. And to my way of thinking it should be even more widespread. The amount of junk food that we are exposed to and eat nowadays, makes it imperative that we think more about cleansing our colons thoroughly by a good wash through. If you look at a colon it has so many little crevices in its twists and turns, a lot of our food intake never gets completely flushed out. Again I don't want to go to the details of it, also because I don't know how to find the right words to explain it all, but trust me, if you hear the whole story of what really goes on inside your colon, you will run to make an appointment to have a colon cleansing right away. Especially if you do not follow a thoroughly healthy diet. And even if you do you might still want to do this at least once just to experience how good it feels.

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On second thoughts, just because I really want you to understand the gravity of not taking care of the elimination process of your food intake, I think I'll tell you a little more about your colon, which is a part of your intestines, the small and the large intestine. The small intestine is a long and narrow tube about 6 meters long. The large intestine is wider in diameter but shorter about 1.5 meters long in a normal sized human. Usually the human intestine is ten times longer than the length of the body. Just stop for a second and Imagine that! God forbid you are one who suffers from constipation, can you imagine the serious consequences of ignoring this problem? Sorry to be so crude about it but you really need to understand how crucial this is for your health long term. To avoid serious illnesses, like the C word as an example, and looking older than your actual age and to avoid loss of energy start caring about your inner body hygiene as much as you take care of your outer looks. Isn't there a saying that, real beauty comes from within? No truer words have ever been said. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8546162