Lack of Sleep Causes Mental Lapses: Study

Lack of Sleep Causes Mental Lapses Study

Being mentally alert means, first of all, that you get enough sleep. Currently, the standard for adults is six to eight hours of sleep per night. This is true even if you work a night shift. Ideally, those six to eight hours should be composed of good sleep. Without enough sleep, there can be harsh problems with memory and other mental processes. This is because the brain and the body are tired and your body needs to rest in order to be restored.

Going Without Sleep

While many people believe they can function well without sleep. It is something that is taught in military training because you can’t always sleep when an active war is going on. If you don’t have this kind of training or even if you do, it is important to understand that any lack of sleep over a few days will impair mental function. Memory is affected, further sleep is effected, and your mood gets depressed. The body will often get sore and fatigued as well, causing a seriously uncomfortable feeling.

There are various herbs and supplements that can help with a lack of sleep. Most of all, you should stay away from any stimulant drinks and coffee. That may seem like a tall order for you, especially if you are dependent on coffee. Drinks like these cause the adrenal glands to become more depleted. Find the most interesting solution with the hemp extract known as CBD.

Mental Lapses

What is a mental lapse? Have you ever had a few of those moments when you completely forget what you are doing or what you have been saying? Those are generally mental lapses and they can happen normally. When you are lacking sleep, these basic processes do not happen the way they should.

Your brain is composed of cells and neurotransmitters signal the right brain cells to fire at the proper time. When these vital chemicals are not released at the proper times, the brain begins to lag well behind any efforts you may put forward. You may be able to function in a way that seems well, but to the bystander you probably look to be more than “off” your game.

Add studying to your daily regimen. A brain that isn’t used becomes fallow. Sharpen it with study. It will sharpen the mind if combined with plenty of good sleep.

Other Considerations

A consistent lack of sleep will contribute to a variety of other health problems. While causing mental lapses and anxiety, it may induce a severe depression and other mood swings. Over time, these issues begin to affect life in a negative way.

While you can go to a doctor to get sleeping medication, it will not work all of the time. The body gains a natural tolerance to it. This does not happen with the CBD from hemp mentioned earlier. As you can see at, as well as other sources, CBD is all-natural, and you can count on it to be safe, effective, and even rich in hidden nutrients.