A Device Used For Managing Acute Pain

Managing Acute Pain

In the modern era, the body movement of an individual is affected by numerous reasons. It can be because of the age or even sports injury as well as operations that restrict the movement of the body, and at such stage, an expert physiotherapist prefers to go for TENS. Tens – transcutaneous electric stimulation of the nerve is a form of pain management that entails the utilization of an electric current of low nature. A Tens machine is a battery operated, a small device in which leads are linked to pads of sticky nature known as electrodes.

Working of TENS

In physical therapy Tens units, you connect the sticky pads directly onto the part of the skin to be treated. As you turn on the device, small electric impulses pass on to the area of the body that is affected where you may perceive a sensation of tingling.

The electric impulses that are generated by physical therapy tens units do minimize pain signals that are transmitted in the direction of the brain as well as towards the spinal cord which is found helpful in comforting muscles and mitigating pain. With its utilization can be stimulated the production of endorphins that are said to be the natural painkillers of the body.

The electric nerve stimulation is a type of treatment for pain which is utilized in managing acute pain like, after surgery and during labor or in the case of chronic pain such as low back pain. It is a sort of electric energy that is transmitted to the nerves in different waveforms. As it is passed on by means of patches or electrodes positioned over the skin, it is known as transcutaneous- by which is meant via the skin- electric nerve stimulation or abbreviated form as TENs

Tens are said to be non- invasive method to get rid of or block signals, emanating from the nerves towards the brain as well as the spinal cord. It is possible to change enough pain messages to bring about temporary or may be long-term relief in pain. Additionally, it can also control pain, and this form of electric stimulation can cause improvement in local circulation and diminish or do away with muscle spasm.

People to use it on

Tens may be utilized for management of pain linked to a broad range of painful conditions. It may include the back pain due to spine degeneration, back surgery that is failed, or disc problems are conditions that can be comforted with the utilization of Tens. Neuropathy- nerve pain, for example, CRPs– a chronic regional syndrome of pain or in the diabetes Tens is also used for its management.

Tens is applied on patients that suffer from pain related to cancer, phantom limb pain – a condition arising out of chronic pain syndrome after amputation of a limb, also migraine or maybe headaches due to chronic tension.

It is used for treating muscle soreness due to overuse, conditions of inflammation, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid. Soft tissue injuries that are painful in case of athletes like strains and sprains can be treated using Tens.