Breast Reduction Surgery: Is it Right For you…

Breast Reduction Surgery

Large breast size

Check whether your breast size is relatively large compared to your overall body size. Breast reduction is not a solution for the persons who have large body weight. If your breast size is larger in proportional with rest of the body, then you are a right candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Suffering from severe back, neck or shoulder pain

If you have pain especially in upper back or neck area and didn’t get any relief by any massage or other physical therapy, you may get benefits from breast reduction surgery.

Feeling physical discomfort with your large breast

If you can’t be active in your life because of the large breast size, breast reduction will be the ultimate solution. Aerobic exercise, yoga and different form of sports item can’t be performed with larger breast size. If you are feeling difficulty in jumping or simply kneeling to put on shoes, its better to opt with breast reduction surgery.

Difficulty in finding clothes that fit.

Most of the manufacturers are not providing cloths with extremely large size that suites to the women with large breast size. Shopping for any specific occasions like functional wear become more challenging for large breasted women, this may often end up forcing themselves with discomfort cloths. Some shops are available with larger cloths, but that may not be accessible to everyone. Breast Reduction Surgery can solve such issues.

Feels too self-conscious

Instead of feeling self confidence and secure in yourself, you may feel self-deprecation due to the irregular shape and size of your breast. Your breasts can get benefits from Breast reduction surgery to achieve a balanced harmony.

Talk to a plastic surgeon

Once you face any of the above issue, better to communicate with a specialized Plastic surgeon. Before consultation be prepared with the symptoms and issues that you are facing. Also discuss about the insurance coverage, to check whether they cover the procedures.

To know more about breast reduction and its procedures, please Contact Dr. Sandhyabala, Best plastic surgeon in Bangalore.

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