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combination therapy unit.

Using only one type of medicine to cure a disease or disorder does not show effective results. Different patients have different resistances to disease and come with genetic differences. In such a case treatment options must be more effective but less harming at the same time. The modern medicine has started to change its approach. Now more attention is being paid to the personalized medicine. Moreover, treatments with less or no side effects are being considered. One such treatment that has been gaining popularity in the field of medical science is the combination therapy. It is an important part of the modern branch of medical science Physiotherapy. There are many health issues particularly related to the motor movement of various parts of the body where this therapy proves much effective. It is used by an expert considering the patient’s health condition and movement of the part of the body. The intensity, frequency and period of the treatment may vary from patient to patient as per his health condition and response to the treatment offered by the expert as per this therapy.

What is Combination Therapy?

Poly therapy or combination therapy is a term used for the usage of multiple therapies or medications, in order to combat the same disease. Broadly speaking, it refers to the use of two or more drugs simultaneously; it also includes non medical therapies such as physiotherapy and various other means of treatment or therapy. This practice is not new but has been gaining popularity over the past decade. Many doctors, medical professionals, and oncologists recommend the combination therapy. The device that is used for this therapy is known as combination therapy unit.

Combination therapy unit 

While treating a patient, time is an important factor. In order to save time, doctors use combination therapy. For example, combination therapy unit physiotherapy is a device which can be used for ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy. This way both time and space can be saved as one machine provides the modalities of two separate units.

How is Combination Therapy Beneficial?

Each treatment or drug method approved by the FDA should prove to be an effective treatment to combat any disorder. However, mono therapy that is the use of only one treatment sometimes does not prove to be that effective and does not give the required results. In such a case, combination therapy comes to rescue. It targets multiple areas of disorder and treats the disease in a better way. Patient’s safety is the first priority. This is the reason specific combination therapies go through clinical tests. This is done to make sure that the combined effects are not dangerous. Hence, combination therapy is a versatile method of treatment of any disorder. Combination therapy is effective in treating diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis, hypertension diabetes, heart failure, malaria, leprosy, and HIV.  Using combination therapy for various treatments is beneficial as a pathogen or a tumor is very less likely to develop resistance to various drugs thus making the healing process more effective. It helps one relieve from limited movement in a short span.

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